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Inventory is a collection of hosts that you can execute tasks on. There are 4 ways to specify hosts:

# Single Host
user: test
port: 33
bastion: test@
tags: [web]

# Multipe hosts using a list
- test@
- test@
tags: [web, prod]

# Multiple hosts using a ranges
hosts: test@192.168.1.[1:2]:22
tags: [web, prod]

# Multiple hosts by invoking a shell command
inventory: echo test@ test@
tags: [web, prod]

To target the hosts in a task there's multiple ways:

  • all: target
  • servers: a list of single hosts or group of hosts
    • supports range as well, for instance --server "list[0:1]", select first and second host
  • tags: target hosts that have a specific tag
  • regex: target hosts on host regex
  • invert: invert matching on hosts

Furthermore, to limit the number of targetted servers, you can use one of following properties:

  • limit: limit the number of targetted hosts
  • limit_p: limit the number of targetted hosts in percentage

Provide Identity and Password Credentials

By default sake will attempt to load identity keys from an SSH agent if it's running in the background. However, if you wish to provide credentials manually, you can do so by (first takes precedence):

  1. setting --identity-file and/or --password flags
  2. specifying it in the server definition

The type of auth used is determined by:

  • if identity-file and password are provided, then it assumes password protected identity key
  • if only identity-file is provided, then it first tries without passphrase, if file is encrypted, it will prompt for passphrase
  • if only password is provided, then it assumes password protected auth
host: server-1.lan
identity_file: id_rsa
password: $(echo $MY_SECRET_PASSWORD)

You can also define entries in your ~/.ssh/config file and sake will try to resolve them.

Known Hosts

By default a known_hosts file is used to verify host connections. If you wish to disable verification, set the global property disable_verify_host to true:

disable_verify_host: true

The default location of the known hosts file is $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts. If you wish change this to another file, then set the global property known_hosts_file to your desired filepath:

known_hosts_file: ./known_hosts